Coaching Canin - Education canine à domicile - chien de compagnie - Paris et région parisienne

Trainer, behaviorist, handler, dog listener, dog whisperer ...

It is so easy to get confused when dealing with canine field. Who should I consult ? "My dog pulls on the leash", "my puppy is 6 months old and still has housebreaking issues", "my doggie is not coming when I call her in the park" ... A brief sample of some "problem" areas that we are dealing with every day. Which specialist should I call ? Who can help me in my relationship ?

Our goal at Coaching Canin is to spend time with you and your canine companion. We know your relationship is important to you and our intentions are not to change those aspects of his personality that are unique. Our goal is to help you live in harmony with your canine friend through mutual understanding.