The first step will be to work with you to define the ideal program which will meet your expectations as well as your companion's needs.
This first meeting is essential, your trust will give us the confidence that we need to work well together. By knowing us better, we want you to trust us for ourselves and not blindly because we are professional trainers.

Private training (dogs older than 6 months)

In our premium program, we will guide you through the whole process of training and will provide your companion with lifetime follow-up.
Together we'll define an educational program and we will see each other once a week. We will work together during the session, teaching you all you need to know to have a very obedient canine friend.

The key to success lies in a regular day's work, which will be your commitment. Ours will be to accompany you in whatever difficulties you encounter and never let you down.

On average, you can expect 6 sessions before getting the defined results.

Puppy training (pups older than 2 months)

What a happy event: a new companion is coming home ! How shall I work the housebreaking ? Where does she have to sleep ? What shall I do when he is nibling us ? What shall I give her to eat ?

We are here to help you and to come with you during these initial months that are so important for both of you.
Let's work together to create a healthy and affectionate relationship from the beginning.

And good to know, we can later go on to a private training for a special price.

Group classes (dogs older than 6 months)

Group classes give your companion a chance to work on obedience while faced with distractions. This is also a great way to work on his socialization.

Classes are in a series of 6 lessons once a week for one hour. The goal is to teach your dog a new exercise during every class and improve skills learnt in previous lessons.

To start a session, we require at least 3 dogs and we insist on a limit of 6 dogs per session in order to be able to listen to everyone's needs.

Feel free to contact us about future schedules and how to enrol.