Clicker training, positive reinforcement, negative punishment, ...

Not obvious to understand all these terms in the canine field
for the uninitiated one.Lovely Ruby Tuesday - Coaching Canin Education canine à domicile Paris et région parisienne

Our philosophy at Coaching Canin is the respect
of the animal above all, which implies the adaptation
of each dog's personality.
We bannish the use of any kind of violence,
but not at the expense of his education.
In dog we trust: we are proud to believe that every dog
can learn basic obedience, whatever breed, age or sex. 

Our goal is to establish a healthy relationship between you
and your canine friend. There should be no hard feelings
such as frustration or anger in this bond.
To achieve these goals, we have to understand that dogs are not robots, they have a brain which gives them the ability to make decisions, and our mission is to teach them how to make the right ones.

We believe that the stongest bond between you and your canine friend is based on mutual respect: love is the gas of this relationship, respect the engine.